Actually, I don’t teach tricks, I call what I teach you to teach your puppy or dog useful relationship behaviors. PawZup helps you and your dog companion to become co-workers and friends.

There is NO FREE LUNCH but —
Some Things In Life ARE FREE
from Jodee Kulp

Before You Get Your Puppy

  • Free 104 BookletBefore you get your puppy – by Ian Dunbar, compliments of Jodee Kulp, PawZup. A must have to help you make some solid decisions before you get your new fur family member. 
  • Quick Tips to Puppy Help Now! – here are some of my best tips to help you understand and help encourage a confident well-socialized puppy.

After You Get Your Puppy

  •  Jodee offers 1/2 HR FREE PLAY and SOCIALIZE class at Pet Supplies Plus in Crystal almost every Sunday at 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Come on over – meet – greet and HAVE SOME FUN!