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Favorite Trainers

The world is filled with excellent positive dog trainers who are willing to work together to help families and dogs. If you need information you won’t go wrong searching on these sites.

“TOP” paw-sitive trainers:


Interested in learning more about Dog Training – check out some of these organizations.

Favorite organizations:

Interested in becoming a Dog Trainer?

Best Resources

Here are my favorites books for your personal dog library. I have linked most of the book titles directly to the authors – their hard work and wisdom deserves the reward.

Favorite”TOP” reading list:

Favorite “VIDEO” trainers:

  • Gabor Korom, Dogschool of Népsziget, HungaryMirror Method training incorporates positive reinforcement through the use of a clicker. The trainer teaches the dog by encouraging it to mimic his or her actions by three basic strategies.
    • – Building the relationship with the dog and establishing its ranking order in everyday life
    • – Teaching the dog by using only positive reinforcement and the clicker with absolutely no force or negativity involved
    • – Enforcing the dog’s required lifestyle by providing him with the opportunities to work down his instinct-energies
    • YouTube include: