Meet Sasha – an FASD Service Dog

What is the breed?

I am an Alaskan Malamute and because of my size I help my partner with obstacle avoidance by providing blocking at entries to streets. I love snow. Snow! Snow! Snow! So working in Canada is perfect for me to be an FASD Service Dog for my partner.

What jobs do you do?

Being an FASD Service Dog is a big job and it is important for peope NOT to bug me when I am working. You see one of the things I do for my partner is I provide the attention to things that can hurt her like cars or clear glass windows she cannot see. In those cases, I am her body guard for Obstacle Avoidance and I go right in front of her and stand still. If someone distracts me and I turn my head, my best friend might get fatally injured. I also find where the door openers are and open doors for my best friend.

I am her navigator. I remember and can scent back what door we came in when we go someplace new and I trail us back to our beginning. By having me, she is able to go out into the community more safely.

I am a behavior interrupter.