PawZup Praise

Praise always feels good, especially when it is a surprise and unsolicited. Each canine team I have worked with are valuable co-workers.


Since 2015, I have been vetting future canine instructors finishing their studies at Animal Behavior College. I am proud of these new trainers who have gone on to make a difference in their communities in training situations, shelters and for rescue organizations. Our program supports the local Animal Control Department to help detained animals grow while they are held.

Comments from intern students:

Yes, she has been a great teacher and her and I get along very well.She uses treat rewards as well as verbal positive rewards,She does follow ABC      

Jodee provides great explanations of the different behaviors the puppies are showing during play and addressing common questions about puppy issues. She has a really practical approach that is fun and easy to understand. Great reputation, depth of knowledge, way with clients and dogs and let interns experience training first hand

My externship is going great! I am learning so much! My mentor is Jodee Kulp. She is amazing! Her methods follow along those shown in the ABC curriculum. Lots and lots of positive reinforcements       

Jodee was amazing! She has a very calm energy and presence that resonates very well with dogs AND people.             

I’ve been having an awesome time working with her! She goes about training with many fun techniques,Jodee definitely goes above and beyond as a trainer and as a mentor.            

She is very enthusiastic about her training. she makes it fun for the dogs as well as the owners.  


Working with Jodee has been a wonderful experience! I have learned so many different dog training styles and techniques from her classes. She is a very positive, patient and experienced trainer, the best part of working with her is that she is always having fun! Dogs absolutly love her because of her calm energy, no matter how hard or severe the problem is, she never gives up. I have been working with Jodee since 2015 and I have witnessed her success working with every type of situation from working with well balanced dogs to working with very anxious/aggressive dogs. I am very thankful I was able to apprentice under Jodee, if it wasn’t for her I would not be the Trainer I am now. I highly recommend working with her! — Richard


Today we had our first session with JoDee. Lily loved her and we were excited about all the new games to try. She took the time to answer all our questions and gave us clues to look for. We are looking forward to trying one of her classes when we get back from vacation. — Brandi

Jodee at PawZup was amazing from the minute she walked in the door and met our three pups until the minute she left. Very knowledgeable, patient, and kind. She clearly loves what she does! Our dogs, ages 1 to 14 took an immediate liking, better yet loving, to her. I would highly recommend!! — Brett

Jodee was terrific. When she arrived and rang the doorbell – the dogs went ballistic (as usual). After the hour session, the dogs were well behaved. We’re looking forward to her next visit. — John


Jodee has done an amazing job working with my two teenage sons who have disabilities and their dogs. She is patient, kind and very youth-focused. Her classes help my boys work on executive function and social skills while teaching their dogs new skills. She has a strong understanding of the needs of both of my sons and helps train their dogs to assist them. We love Jodee! — Deb


Jodee is such a people person and so friendly. Very comfortable to be around. But she is also very professional and amazing at her job. She is great at finding multiple ways to do things so if one thing doesn’t work there’s always another option. She’s very creative. Dogs like her just as much as their owners. I would definitely recommend her. —Nina

Jodee is an outstanding teacher and professional. She is a truly caring individual with a great deal of compassion and tenacity. Highly recommend her! —  Carissa

My Wheaten Terrier Inara started classes with Jodee when I got her at 4 months old. Jodee was able to structure training specific to Inara’s needs and abilities. Inara was a very smart and exuberant puppy but easily bored. So basic training with lots of repetition did not work for her. Jodee tailored classes to allow her to do more advanced skills in her puppy classes which allowed Inara to keep learning. Making things more of a challenge, Inara was not treat motivated, so Jodee’s program of praise and positive reinforcement really helped Inara learn. Inara and I enjoyed our training so much that we continued classes for 5 years. We did classes from puppy to adult, good citizenship, agility and even tricks. People would chuckle and ask isn’t your dog trained yet. Of course she was! But training became a social activity for Inara and her doggie friends. As well as for all the owners. Inara would still be doing training with Jodee if she hadn’t passed away from a sudden illness. I will definitely be taking my next dog to work with Jodee. She has the ability to teach young puppies that learning is fun and help owners gain the knowledge and confidence to continue working with their dogs when away from classes. Jodee has helped dogs that are rescues as well as those who have been abused become happy well adjusted family members and working animals. If you are looking for a highly skilled positive trainer for your dog or puppy be sure to contact her. — Mary

I loved my experience with Jodee. I adopted a young Golden who I think had been passed around from home to home before I got him. He was fearful of new things and got very anxious when he couldn’t see me. Jodee worked with us and is an amazing trainer. She trained both Beej and me. If I ever adopt another dog, I’ll be going to Jodee!— Michelle

Cooper and I thoroughly enjoyed our classes with Jodi. We learned so much in a comfortable and very fun environment.— Mary

We took our miniature poodle to Jodee for puppy training, puppy play, adult training, tricks, and just all around loving. Annie couldn’t wait to get Jodee’s hugs and treats. (Unlike Inara in the previous comment, our dog was very treat motivated.) Jodee walked us through the pros and cons of a second dog because Annie was bored and a bored dog is not good, especially when they are as smart as a poodle. We got the second dog and Jodee guided us through the ups and downs of two dogs. Now the second dog, Gracie, loves her as much as Annie. But it’s not all about the dogs. She teaches owners to have positive interactions with our dogs and to see them as individuals. Some sessions were more about the owner than the dog. Her gentle way of getting her point across is delightful. I would very much tell anyone that needs that kind of guidance to go to Jodee. —Judy