Teaching “Leave it” 

Level One:
Showing “Leave It” Behavior

  1. Put a treat in your hand and show it to your animal before closing your fist over it.
  2. Ignore him as he tries to get the treat from your hand – you may be pawed, licked or nibbled on.
  3. As soon as he looks away or at you, say “Yesss. Good boy/girl.”
  4. Immediately give him a treat from your other hand.
  5. Play game until he begins to look away immediately.
  6. Take a break and have some dog fun…

Level Two:
Teaching “Leave It” words

  1. Present the hidden treat and then introduce the words “Leave it.” Use a non-command, no
  2. When he is

“Leave It” Games
Do these games in number order

Game One:

  1. Next place the treat on the floor or tabletop with your hand over it.
  2. Do the same as you did before.
  3. He must look away before he can have a “different treat” in its place.

Game Two:

  1. Once he can leave that, place the treat on the floor or tabletop with a cloth over it.
  2. Walk by – when his nose looks at it, say “Leave it.”
  3. When he looks at you give him a better treat from your hand.

Game Three:

  1. Place some food on the tabletop and walk a short distance away.
  2. As soon as he looks at the food, say, “Leave it.”
  3. Give him a better treat when he turns from the forbidden object to you.

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