Help my puppy be good

Puppy help now!

Do you need puppy help now for teeth that are weapons and a body that wiggles like an octopus? How about the 7:00 pm puppy zoomies. Yes, there is puppy help now!

PawZup takes your biting little alligator and turn on his/her brain to begin the journey to self-control and calmer behaviors. PawZup understands the difference between rude and natural developmental puppy behavior. We will guide you and your little muggins into Live Abilities you will both enjoy.

Fun and confidence building for PUPPIES
FREE Socialization Flyer to download

  1. Gently and respectfully introduce your puppy to new learning opportunities to prepare him to handle the big wide adult dog world.
  2. Respect when a puppy is scared – do not overwhelm or encourage fear response.
  3. LOUD NOISE FEAR (Thunder, Firecrackers, Dryer with a Shoe!) – Make it a party – get some yummy treats and go in a safe area where puppy feels more secure – treat and smile with a “Just Noise” Take it slow

Help Puppy Now  – SOCIALIZE!

Enjoy our FREE PawZup Socialization Play Time. We offer a full selection of ideas to fit your unique pup. We help the mastiff breeds learn to play with the mini corgis – we learn to love our neighbors.

    • Baby puppies (8 wks – 12 wks)
    • Mixed Crew (12 wks – 16 wks)
    • Large Breeds (8 wks – 16 wks)
    • Misunderstood Breeds (8 wks – 12 wks)
    • Itty Bitties (teacup, toy, and young dogs)

Above all, you are RAISING A DOG not A PUPPY

The cute furry wiggles will transform quickly into an adolescent and then an adult dog. Think Dog not Puppy during their youth.

Here are four simple puppy rules.

  1. Catch them being good – Pay attention, praise and reward the behaviors you want your puppy to continue for a lifetime.
  2. No Free Lunch  – Use Doggie Dollars “treats” and expect results.
    Hand feeds ten kibbles with a sit before you hand over breakfast.
    Ask for a sit, down, stay, or a fun trick.
  3. Treat Small  – You don’t need a “Whole Cookie or Treat” for the training opportunity. One hotdog can be cut into 75 pieces, one training treat can be divided into fingertip-size pieces.
  4. Up the Anty – When one skill is learned – “Take it on the road” by trying it in different places of the house, community, yard. For example, ask for a sit while you are sitting or lying down, with your hands in the air or on your head.

Most importantly, STOP BEHAVIORS you do not like early 

Learn to stop jumping, biting, chewing, pulling on the leash when the dog is young. Yes, it is possible and yes, these are normal and natural canine behaviors.


Each family and their canine members are unique and will be respected. We look forward to understanding your needs and helping you solve your problems. Yes, Old Dogs Can Learn and so can Baby Puppies.

Dogs Love Learning!

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