If you are not used to relationships with persons who face significant life challenges and also may have a service dog, here are some tips of etiquette:


  1. Offer assistance if you feel like it, but WAIT until your offer is accepted BEFORE you help.
  2. Listen carefully to any instructions the person gives you and follow through

Giving Directions to Person in a Wheelchair:

  1. Consider distance and weather conditions
  2. Consider physical obstacles such as curbs, stairs and steep hills

Giving Directions to Person with Vision Impairment:

  1. Be specific – “go two yards and turn right” or “left one hundred feet, stop at curb.”

Give Grace in Time:

  1. Let the person set the pace for walking and talking
  2. Let the person set the pace to get things done or said.

Event Planning:

  1. Consider disability needs ahead of time – do you need extra chairs, where.
  2. If there will be barriers let the person with a disability know and discuss with them ideas to solve it

Dog working place etiquette:

  1. No messing on floor, if a mistake occurs owner must clean it up
  2. Dogs should not disrupt business or distract clients
  3. Dogs confined to work area of employee
  4. No excessive barking

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